NEW Delivery Charges

 FREE DLIVERY for postcodes GL1-GL53

Both of the Ranges,Home of Beds and Durabeds,are built and designed with YOU the Customer in mind..

Our aim to is to supply you the customer with as much choice as possible! 

With the Home of Beds you pick the model, you pick the size, you pick the Colour.  You pick buttons or diamante`s.

Durabeds are our Mattress and Divan bed range, you can buy Just the Mattress or a complete Divan set, then decide if you want drawers and how many.

The choice is yours! So have what you want the way you want it..It's that simple!

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If it's in stock we can deliver as soon as you're ready.. 

The bedroom/lounge furniture will be delivered in 1-2 weeks as long as its in stock!!!!

At this time we would recomend calling or messaging us to see if the items are in STOCK...

Durabeds beds will be deliverd in 3 weeks from date of purchase or SOONER if possible..

The Home Of Beds are custom built and take 3-4 weeks for delivery From date of purchase or SOONER if possible.

Unfortunately due to the the circumstances with the virus and the governments guidlines things may take longer than normal.. Please be patient..

We do apolgise if things take longer than normal..